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Correction Policy

Patriot Journal is committed to making clear, prominent corrections of any mistakes that appear in our articles.

The corrections will make clear what the original error was and how the article has been corrected.
To report a possible error, please email us at [email protected] and include a link and also your reasoning for the correction being needed.

Any request for a correction that has been submitted by the website that we have reviewed will be responded to with our decision and an explanation as soon as possible.

Any corrections made within the last 90 days will be linked here below:

  1. Rubio Brings To Light Information From Durham Report – Marco Claims New Evidence Is One Of America’s Biggest Political Scandals
    1. Reason: Article mistakenly appropriates claims being made by other figures
  2.  Biden Official Accused of Potential Treason – Michael McCaul Says He Doesn’t Have Proof At This Point
    1. Reason: Article overstated the certainty of a suspicion
  3. New Information Emerges in Biden Situation – Hunter Biden Was Paying $49,910 Every Three Months For Office Space
    1. Reason: Article mistakenly claims amount of rent paid and what it was paid for
  4. After Biden Orders Trump’s Files Released – ‘The Donald’ Demands Immediate Declassification of Russia Records
    1. Reason: Article mistakenly appropriates claims being made by other figures
  5. Liberal State Supreme Court Justice Lands in Deep Trouble – She Could Get the Ultimate Punishment
    1. Reason: Headline stated Supreme Court Justice instead of State Supreme Court
  6. J6 Shaman Gets an Unexpected Update – He has been released from prison to a halfway house 14 months early
    1. Reason: Article states video evidence cleared J6 Shaman but he self-admits he was guilty
  7. Durham Investigation Picks Up Steam – Source Says More Witnesses Are Quickly Coming Before a Grand Jury
    1. Reason: Article mistakenly claimed the investigation into Trump campaign was lead by Clinton campaign as well as mistakenly parroting a claim from Fox News that claims Hillary paid someone to hack Trump
  8. Judge Drops the Gavel on Michigan Democrat – Court Rules the Case Of 26K Dead Voters Will Move Forward Against Benson
    1. Reason: Trump’s claim of voter fraud have yet to be proven in court, context has now been added
  9. After Blue State Decriminalized All Hard Drugs – Governor Forced to Make Shocking Announcement
    1. Reason: Article misstated that drugs were legalized when in reality they were only decriminalized
  10. Megachurch Shooter’s Closet Swings Wide Open – No Wonder the Media Just Went Silent
    1. Reason: Article mentioned that the shooter might be transgender, a context correction has been added to show the confusion was from multiple names being used during suspected identity theft
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